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i drew a daddy ursaring„,

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I have completed my first order, thank you to swedish-lion for ordering one of every evolution! Please everyone feel free to send in more requests!

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Basically i have way too many Eevees and am giving them away but of course there are some rules

you DONT have to be following this blog or my personal although that would be nice. (if you want the url ask me off anon)

you do however have to give me your friend code. just tell me it when you ask for an eevee

if you want a specific trait just tell me that too.

specify whether girl or boy if that matters to you. if not youll get whatever i have most of

if you want the Eevee to know a move only learned through breeding you will have to provide the other parent. it will be returned to you when you get your Eevee.

if you want a shiny be aware that i currently dont have any and it will probably take a very long time to get one. however the second that i do, i will message whoever is first on the shiny waiting list to let you know that im ready to give you the shiny.

if you want an Eeveelution i am willing to do that also. if its one of the first three, you have to pay for the stone. but for the others there is no price. in order to do this youll have to trade over a pokemon holding the stone but i will return the pokemon unless you dont care.

i dont care what you trade me in order to get your Eevee. you can give me anything from a magikarp to a shiny legendary. ill appreciate the rarer pokemon and thank you with another Eevee if you want it. 

you can come back and ask for more Eevees if you really want to but i wont be giving out multiple at once. 

so what you need to have when you send me a message or submit requesting an Eevee:
"i would like an Eevee(or Eeveelution) please."
[friend code]
[specific trait (optional)]
[female or male (optional)]

feel free to ask any other questions.